Meet our founder and Managing Director – Zola Shabangu

Meet our founder and Managing Director – Zola Shabangu

Sometimes it takes a little courage paired with determination in order for us to achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. Our minds are our tools to create a reality in which we want to live in – basically, our minds creates the reality in which we live in currently. And just like anything else, iGoda Incubator started off as just an idea which later manifested to become one of SA’s most recognized skills incubation and fashion institution. iGoda was designed tp providing and equip the youth with the much needed and necessary skills to navigate the clothing manufacturing industry.

Our founder and managing director Zola Shabangu – a visionary – created a platform for the youth, to showcase and polish their clothing manufacturing skills. Many who have had the pleasures of having Zola as a mentor have seen their brands and businesses flourish – proving once again that iGoda is the go-to institution to gain valuable skills and experience within the clothing manufacturing industry.

iGoda was created to serve as an incubation hub for potential fashion designers who are looking to start their own brands and clothing line. The institution has taught them how to design, manufacture and sell your products on a commercial scale.

With that, the brand has managed to partner up with South Africa’s biggest retail giant, Edgars Fashion. iGoda Incubator supplies Edgars with the latest designs under the newly formed brand name, “iGo Inc”.

“Our approach to this Edgars collaboration and opportunity is to provide customers with Quality, Trendy, luxurious yet affordable wear for the Fashion Conscious. The clothing and textile (Fashion) sector is currently a viable area for creative artists post-Covid due to increased demand for the local supply of fashion and apparel-related products. The reason for the surge is the reduced access to foreign suppliers,” said Zola.

Given the fact that this Spring ’22 collection is the first for iGoda Incubates who collectively applied the skills acquired through the years of their development under iGoda Incubation, we have seen a rather positive outcome in the past few months, including a well received quality assurance from both our customers and retail partner Edgars. “They are the best for new entrees into this business, they allow us the freedom to create and manage our brand. The Edgars team is very understanding and patient as we navigate through this learning phase,” said Zola.

This opportunity is a first for iGoda, and taking advantage of this opportunity was the point of the day. “No one could guess that we will be trading alongside established brands like Forever New, Mango and others, its a dream come true for every designer.”

Talking more about this year’s collection, Zola states that this year is about florals, bright colours, sheer fabrics, denim, maxi dresses and skirts. The mood is jovial. Every item sold is a stamp of approval for a previously disadvantaged individual, Revitalizing the clothing sector, making it one of the major industries for job creation.

“As a born social entrepreneur, I invested all my time training and upskilling young people, only now at 56 years, I decided to unlock my passion and pushed myself to direct this collection. This collection is me 30 years ago.” she concluded.

Find our new collection at selected Edgars Stores: The Pavillion, Gateway. Menyln, Sandton City, Canal Walk and Mall of Africa. Limited stock available on all items, only 2 items per size.